About Us

Green News provides people, organisations and business the opportunity to share environmental news and ideas around the world. We believe in free-thinking, in pushing the debate, questioning why and what we can do as a global community to find solutions to create sustainability. It’s about re-thinking how the world works and finding smarter ways to do the simple things that make up our daily lives.

With a great editorial team based throughout the world, we strive to deliver compelling and impactful stories with real and raw talent. Our stories inspire people to think beyond traditional boundaries and to generate conversations. For us at Green News it’s not about writing endless content, it’s not about using algorithms to generate the most “user views,” its about putting together real stories for our readers. We are in the story telling industry and by providing the best information and tools,  we allow our readers to understand the world and make informed decisions; for us, this is one of the key cornerstones of our company and the reason we exist.

Let’s change the world together.
Michael Olivero